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plumbers KatyWe have the complete Plumbing Services for Missouri City and surrounding areas! Turn to our company when any plumbing fixture fails…or when you desire a new look. For years we have been working with homeowners all over the Missouri City area to repair and upgrade kitchens, install an outdoor kitchen, bathrooms, pool house, outdoor faucets, wet bars and utility rooms or anywhere plumbing is desired. Over the years we have repaired and replaced numerous water heaters, faucets and commodes.

No matter what issue from leaking sink to collapsed sewage, we are there swiftly, night or day, to mend your house back to working correctly. Each of our local Missouri City plumbing professionals are normally on call. All of our phones are typically answered. Our plumbing experts are licensed, bonded and covered by insurance. All of our expert plumbers maintain several years of experience and will resolve your issue appropriately, promptly, and properly. All of our Missouri City plumbing truck and vans are actually stocked with the most current gadgets and superior quality materials. Simply call today and we will be glad to start serving you.

Hydrostatic testing of water lines and drain lines is simply the use of water to determine if there is a leak, where there is a leak and the size of the leak. The electronic leak detector is a very powerful, very specialized piece of equipment. A high-powered microphone is run over the area that covers the plumbing pipe system. The technician listens through headphones to detect the sound of the leak. When the leak location is determined we then develop a plan of action for that specific situation. Turn to us for the specialized testing needed to quickly find any problem in your plumbing system. Contact us to learn more about hydrostatic testing, electronic leak detection and video pipeline testing.

Garbage disposals are one of the most useful appliances in your home but are prone to a handful of common problems. Call The Missouri City Plumbing at our number to have a licensed plumber diagnose your garbage disposal problem, give you a free estimate, and fix it on the spot. Most garbage disposal repairs and replacements are the result of many different common garbage disposal problems. If you think you may have a problem with your garbage disposal, call us and we will be on the way to assist you with the issue.

The Missouri City Plumbing fixes plumbing leaks wherever they are – inside or outside your house. There are many causes of leaky pipes in your home. Your leak may not pose an immediate threat but may be costing you money every month you let it continue on. Also, some minor leaks can become major at exactly the wrong time – such as 15 minutes after you left for work – and cause major damage to floors and walls that will cost you thousands to repair. Using special technology, we are able to perform video line inspections to visually inspect the insides of your plumbing and sewer lines.

In any remodel or replacement there are a variety of decisions. Turn to Missouri City Plumbing for advice on what fixtures are best suited to your kitchen or bath. We can shop for you or give you guidelines on the best solutions. We work with all manufactures. We recommend Kohler and American Standard fixtures. We are factory warranty service providers for Rheem water heaters for their tank type and tankless water heater units. We also provide gas line installation or repair. If you wish to replace your electric stove, dryer or fireplace with gas, we expertly and safely install a gas line. Should you encounter a problem with your current gas line, we have the tools to investigate, locate the issue and repair to your satisfaction. Small & Large Plumbing Projects. From small kitchen, to whole house plumbing, commercial or residential, turn to us for a professional but friendly job.

Fast diagnosis means a faster repair and fewer headaches for you. Call us at our number or contact us online to get your leak inspected and fixed. A trained technician will come to your home, provide a free estimate, and repair your leak immediately upon your approval. We have 24 hour service 7 days a week and there are no special charges for after-hours calls. We will fix your househole issue, no matter what it is, in an efficient and timely manner. Call us today!